Application topic


App Application
An App is the main client-side entry point for interacting with an Atlas App Services application.
AppConfiguration Application
A class exposing configuration options for an App
Credentials Application
A class, representing the credentials used for authenticating a User
EmailPasswordAuthProvider Application
A class, encapsulating functionality for users, logged in with Credentials.emailPassword(). It is always scoped to a particular app.
User Application
This class represents a user in an Atlas App Services application. A user can log in to the server and, if access is granted, it is possible to synchronize the local Realm to MongoDB Atlas. Moreover, synchronization is halted when the user is logged out. It is possible to persist a user. By retrieving a user, there is no need to log in again. Persisting a user between sessions, the user's credentials are stored locally on the device, and should be treated as sensitive data.


AuthProviderType Application
An enum containing all authentication providers. These have to be enabled manually for the application before they can be used. Authentication Providers Docs
MetadataPersistenceMode Application
Specify if and how to persists user objects.