reset method Null safety

void reset(
  1. {T? value,
  2. bool updateParent = true,
  3. bool emitEvent = true,
  4. bool removeFocus = false,
  5. bool? disabled}

Resets the control, marking it as untouched, pristine and setting the value to null.

In case of FormGroup or FormArray all descendants are marked pristine and untouched, and the value of all descendants are set to null.

The argument value is optional and resets the control with an initial value.

The argument disabled is optional and resets the disabled status of the control. If value is true then if will disable the control, if value is false then if will enable the control, and if the value is null or not set (the default) then the control will state in the same state that it previously has.

The argument removeFocus is optional and remove the UI focus from the control. In case of FormGroup or FormArray remove the focus from all descendants.

When updateParent is true or not supplied (the default) each change affects this control and its parent, otherwise only affects to this control.

When emitEvent is true or not supplied (the default), both the statusChanges and valueChanges events notify listeners with the latest status and value when the control is reset. When false, no events are emitted.

FormControl example

final control = FormControl<String>();

control.reset(value: 'John Doe');

print(control.value); // output: 'John Doe'

FormGroup example

final form = FormGroup({
  'first': FormControl(value: 'first name'),
  'last': FormControl(value: 'last name'),

print(form.value);   // output: {first: 'first name', last: 'last name'}

form.reset(value: { 'first': 'John', 'last': 'last name' });

print(form.value); // output: {first: 'John', last: 'last name'}

FormArray example

final array = FormArray<String>([

array.reset(value: ['name', 'last name']);

print(array.value); // output: ['name', 'last name']



void reset({
  T? value,
  bool updateParent = true,
  bool emitEvent = true,
  bool removeFocus = false,
  bool? disabled,
}) {
  markAsPristine(updateParent: updateParent);
  markAsUntouched(updateParent: updateParent);

  updateValue(value, updateParent: updateParent, emitEvent: emitEvent);

  if (disabled != null) {
        ? markAsDisabled(updateParent: true, emitEvent: false)
        : markAsEnabled(updateParent: true, emitEvent: false);

  if (removeFocus) {
    unfocus(touched: false);