hash_codes library


hashList(Iterable<Object> arguments) int
Combine the Object.hashCode values of an arbitrary number of objects from an Iterable into one value. This function will return the same value if given null as if given an empty list.
hashValues(Object arg01, Object arg02, [Object arg03 = _hashEnd, Object arg04 = _hashEnd, Object arg05 = _hashEnd, Object arg06 = _hashEnd, Object arg07 = _hashEnd, Object arg08 = _hashEnd, Object arg09 = _hashEnd, Object arg10 = _hashEnd, Object arg11 = _hashEnd, Object arg12 = _hashEnd, Object arg13 = _hashEnd, Object arg14 = _hashEnd, Object arg15 = _hashEnd, Object arg16 = _hashEnd, Object arg17 = _hashEnd, Object arg18 = _hashEnd, Object arg19 = _hashEnd, Object arg20 = _hashEnd]) int
Combine up to twenty objects' hash codes into one value. [...]