What is the rate_app_dialog

This package is designed to increase the ratings in your app, with bad review filter, find out what's bad and get more positive reviews!

To call up the dialog and request evaluation, add the following code where you think is a good place to request user evaluation or add it to your homepage within initState:

      context: context, 
      minimeRateIsGood: 4, 
      minimeRequestToShow: 5


  • context: is required.
  • minimeRateIsGood: Optional assignment, sets the number of stars that will be requested for evaluation in the store. (default: 4)
  • minimeRequestToShow: Optional attribute, sets the number of requests to display the popup requesting the stars. (default: 5)
  • afterStarRedirect: Optional attribute, Redirect to store after user passes ratings filter. (default: false)
  • timeToShow: Optional attribute, opens the store with ideal delay for strategic points e.g. after a result expected by the user with delay of 5 seconds. (default: 0)
  • emailAdmin: Optional attribute, email will be sent to the administrator with user feedback,. (default: "")
  • customDialogIOS: Optional attribute, set true to custom dialog iOS. (default: false)

Attention: In order to be counted and displayed it will be necessary to call the method requestRate(), each call in requestRate() will be counted +1 and will be displayed according to the specified condition (minimeRequestToShow); You can specify various conditions in specific places to increase the chance of positive evaluation;