awesome flutter pub package


A tiny library allows you to create ranked list view ex: Leaderboard

Issues and Pull Requests are really appreciated!


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Include to your project

In your pubspec.yaml root add:

  ranked_list: ^0.0.1


The library does provide StatefulWidget which is called RankedList.

Include the widget like this: import 'package:ranked_list/ranked_list.dart';


Use it as you'd use any widget:

Widget build(BuildContext context) {
  return RankedList(
    itemBuilder: (context, index) => ListItem(),
    rank: 25,
    itemCount: 50,
    itemHeight: 56,
    topItem: TopItem(),
    bottomItem: BottomItem(),

RankedList uses scroll controller behind the scenes so you can't add your own scroll controller to the list as of now.


There are 4 required fields:

  • itemHeight is the size of each item in the list. This is required so rank calculations will work correctly.
  • rank is the position of the ranked item.
  • itemBuilder works like a regular Flutter builder all of us are familiar with. It will pass you the context, current item index and some additional data.
  • itemCount - Children count as in a ListView.

The data which can be provided additionally are:

  • showTop - Decides whether to snap the ranked item at the top or not.
  • showBottom - Decides whether to snap the ranked item at the bottom or not.
  • topItem - The top snapping widget.
  • bottomItem - The bottom snapping widget.