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Framework to Generate Random Users - An Unofficial Dart/Flutter SDK for https://randomuser.me

random_user is an easy to use Dart framework that provides the ability to generate random users and their accompanying data for your Dart of Flutter applications. It utilizes randomuser.me API to generate the data.


Import the framework

import 'package:random_user/random_user.dart';

Create an instance of RandomUser class and use the getUser, getUsers or getUsersWithInfo methods. getUser will return a randomly generated user model. Use getUsers to get a list of random users. Call getUsersWithInfo to get not only a list of users, but additional Info structure which may help with pagination.

To get just a random user use:

  final api = RandomUser();
  final user = await api.getUser();

More complex sample

  final api = RandomUser();
  final users = await api.getUsers(gender: 'female', 
                                   password: 'upper,lower,number,8', 
                                   nationalities: 'NO', 
                                   results: 10);

Will return 10 female user accounts from Norway with alpha-numberical 8-symbol passwords.


random_user is released under an MIT License. See LICENSE for details.