AlphaCase enum Null safety

This enum is used in order to specify which case to use for the alpha (letter) characters.

Note that AlphaCase.MIXED_CASE will cause the mustHaveAtLeastOneOfEach property to consider it as being two different "has" values.

For example, when using AlphaCase.MIXED_CASE and all the other "has" values as true, you must set minimum length to 4 because:

hasDigits = +1 hasSymbols = +1 hasAlpha = (using only lowercase or only uppercase) then +1 else +2

So the total sum = 4 (minimum length)

Otherwise, if you do not use mustHaveAtLeastOneOfEach, the minimum length is 1.


LOWERCASE_ONLY → const AlphaCase
const AlphaCase(1)
MIXED_CASE → const AlphaCase
const AlphaCase(2)
UPPERCASE_ONLY → const AlphaCase
const AlphaCase(0)
values → const List<AlphaCase>

A constant List of the values in this enum, in order of their declaration.

const List<AlphaCase>


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index int

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