rake library

Implementation of the Rapid Automatic Keyword Extraction algorithm (RAKE)

Broadly based on the python implementation at github.com/fabianvf/python-rake

Based on Rose, S. , Engel, D. , Cramer, N. and Cowley, W. (2010). Automatic Keyword Extraction from Individual Documents. In Text Mining (eds M. W. Berry and J. Kogan). doi:10.1002/9780470689646.ch1




buildStopWordRegExp(List<String> stopWords) RegExp
Build stop word RegExp based on list of stop words
calculateKeywordScores(List<String> phrases, Map<String, double> wordScore, {int minFrequency}) Map<String, double>
calculateWordScores(List<String> phrases) Map<String, double>
Score words in phrases
splitPhrases(List<String> sentences, RegExp stopWords, {int minChars = 0}) List<String>
Split and collect phrases in sentences
splitSentences(String text) List<String>
Split text into sentences
splitWords(String text) List<String>
Split text into words