navigateTo method Null safety

Future navigateTo(
  1. String path,
  2. {Map<String, dynamic>? arguments,
  3. bool? replace,
  4. bool? clearTrace,
  5. bool? isSingleTop}

Push the given route onto the navigator. path you register path. arguments you want to give path arguments. replace will replace route clearTrace will clear all route and push path. isSingleTop if path is top,There was no response.


Future<dynamic> navigateTo(
  String path, {
  Map<String, dynamic>? arguments,
  bool? replace,
  bool? clearTrace,
  bool? isSingleTop,
}) =>
        path: path,
        arguments: arguments,
        replace: replace,
        clearTrace: clearTrace,
        isSingleTop: isSingleTop);