show method

Future<bool> show(
  1. {double anchorOffset = 0.0,
  2. double horizontalCenterOffset = 0.0,
  3. AnchorType anchorType = AnchorType.bottom}

Show this ad.

The ad must have been loaded with load first. If loading hasn't finished the ad will not actually appear until the ad has finished loading.

The listener will be notified when the ad has finished loading or fails to do so. An ad that fails to load will not be shown.

anchorOffset is the logical pixel offset from the edge of the screen (default 0.0) anchorType place advert at top or bottom of screen (default bottom)


Future<bool> show(
    {double anchorOffset = 0.0,
    double horizontalCenterOffset = 0.0,
    AnchorType anchorType = AnchorType.bottom}) {
  return _invokeBooleanMethod("showAd", <String, dynamic>{
    'id': id,
    'anchorOffset': anchorOffset.toString(),
    'horizontalCenterOffset': horizontalCenterOffset.toString(),
    'anchorType': describeEnum(anchorType)