Pub Mirror

Pub Package Docker Image

A multi-thread tool to download content from Pub. Then the result can be served by a http server and taken as the backend of pub, flutter or even Pub Mirror itself.

With this tool, you can build a local mirror of pub with no need of unstable reverse proxy or dynamic server like pub_server.


It can be installed from pub by:

$ pub global activate pub_mirror

or installed as a docker image by:

$ docker pull huiyiqun/pub_mirror

or installed from source directly by:

$ cd path/to/pub-mirror
$ pub get
# then it can be run by following command
$ dart bin/dart_mirror.dart

Using the tool

$ pub_mirror --help
pub_mirror [options] <dest-path> <serving-url>

Example: pub_mirror /tmp/pub/ file:///tmp/pub/

-h, --help              print usage and exit
-v, --verbose           more verbose output
-o, --[no-]overwrite    overwrite existing meta files
-u, --upstream          the upstream to mirror from
                        (defaults to "")

-c, --connections       max number of connections
                        (defaults to "10")

-p, --concurrency       max number of packages to download in parallel
                        (defaults to "1")

The dest-path is where you would like to save the packages and serving-url is the base url that you would like to serving on.

file:///tmp/pub/ is just used as an example, the file scheme is not supported by pub.

The packages are downloaded incrementally, which means:

  1. If the process is interrupted and resumed, packages and versions has been downloaded will be skipped.
  2. If the process is completed and restarted again, only new packages and new releases will be downloaded.


In order to make the mirror accessible by the client, we must serve it with a web server.

An example for nginx is:

http {
  server {
    listen 80;  # identical to the scheme port in the serving-url
    listen ssl 443;  # if the scheme in the serving-url is https
    server_name;  # identical to the hostname in the serving-url

    location /pub/ {  # identical to the path in the serving-url
      root path/to/path;  # identical to the dest-path
      location /pub/api/ {
        try_files $uri $uri/meta.json =404;  # information of packages and versions are saved in meta.json

Start the nginx and enjoy the speed!


To test the configuration of the web server, You can visit following URLs:

  1. # a large json file
  2. # a json file
  3. # a json file
  4. # an archive file

Using the mirror

Setting the environment PUB_HOSTED_URL to the serving-url, then both pub and flutter will download packages from your mirror.

$ export PUB_HOSTED_URL=""
$ pub get  # downloaded from
$ flutter packages get  # downloaded from

Use case

Dart repo of TUNA mirrors is served by this tool.