Provider Assist

Provider assist is a ton of helpful tools designed to improve development within Flutter even further! This project is a brainchild of mine and is the core of any flutter application I personally develop. It serves these purposes:

Breaking Change (2.0.0)

As well as moving to Provider version 4.0.0. A lot of minor quality of life improvements have been done to make using this a lot easier.
To name a few:

  1. Events are now dynamic, meaning you can pass anything as an event
  2. All global functions are now in the ProviderAssist singleton class, meaning it can be mocked easier
  3. Errors have been removed to reduce the amount of streams in a BaseView. As they're events in their own right, pass them as events

In short, see the new example project for all the updates!

Layout Information

This is a handy helper which is automatically passed into your build function in views. It will supply a number of useful properties about the devices, as well as the localizations for your current Locale if you registered them earlier.

Note: This is an inherited widget so if there are times when you require it outside of the view, you can obtain it anytime by doing the following.

void main() {

Map<Locale, Map<String, String>> translations = {
  Locale('en'): {
    'view_title': 'Example Title',
    'view_raise_event': 'Raise Event',
  Locale('hi'): {
    'view_title': 'उदाहरण शीर्षक',
    'view_raise_event': 'घटना को बढ़ाएँ',

Example View

class View extends StatelessWidget {
  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return BaseView<ViewModel>(
      model: ViewModel(),
      onEventOccured: (BuildContext context, ViewModel model, dynamic event) {
        print("Got a new event: $event");
      onModelReady: (ViewModel model) {
        print("Model is ready, but view is still not visible");
      onViewFirstLoad: (BuildContext context, ViewModel model) {
        print("View is rendered");
      builder: (BuildContext context, ViewModel vm, LayoutInformation layout) {
        print("Device type: ${layout.deviceType}");
        print("Device orientation: ${layout.orientation}");
        return Scaffold(
          backgroundColor: layout.theme.backgroundColor,
          appBar: AppBar(
            title: Text(layout.translations['view_title']),
          body: Container(
            width: double.infinity,
            child: Column(
              children: <Widget>[
                  child: Text(layout.translations['view_raise_event']),
                  onPressed: () => vm.onEventRequested(),

Example View Model

class ViewModel extends BaseViewModel {
  void onEventRequested() {
    try {
      notifyEvent('Random event');
    } finally {

Any questions? Fire them over on Github or Facebook!

  • Ryan