clone method

  1. @Deprecated('Use clone with options')
Shell clone({
  1. bool? throwOnError,
  2. String? workingDirectory,
  3. @Deprecated('Don\'t change map') Map<String, String>? environment,
  4. @Deprecated('Don\'t change includeParentEnvironment') bool? includeParentEnvironment,
  5. bool? runInShell,
  6. Encoding? stdoutEncoding,
  7. Encoding? stderrEncoding,
  8. Stream<List<int>>? stdin,
  9. StreamSink<List<int>>? stdout,
  10. StreamSink<List<int>>? stderr,
  11. bool? verbose,
  12. bool? commandVerbose,
  13. bool? commentVerbose,

Create a new shell


@Deprecated('Use clone with options')
Shell clone({
  bool? throwOnError,
  String? workingDirectory,
  // Don't change environment
  @Deprecated('Don\'t change map') Map<String, String>? environment,

  /// Explicetely set e new environment
//      ShellEnvironment? shellEnvironment,
  @Deprecated('Don\'t change includeParentEnvironment')
  // Don't change includeParentEnvironment
  bool? includeParentEnvironment,
  bool? runInShell,
  Encoding? stdoutEncoding,
  Encoding? stderrEncoding,
  Stream<List<int>>? stdin,
  StreamSink<List<int>>? stdout,
  StreamSink<List<int>>? stderr,
  bool? verbose,
  bool? commandVerbose,
  bool? commentVerbose,
}) {
  var localShellEnvironment =
      // Compat
      (environment is ShellEnvironment ? environment : null);
  return Shell(
      options: options.clone(
    throwOnError: throwOnError,
    workingDirectory: workingDirectory,
    runInShell: runInShell,
    stdoutEncoding: stdoutEncoding,
    stderrEncoding: stderrEncoding,
    stdin: stdin,
    stderr: stderr,
    stdout: stdout,
    commentVerbose: commentVerbose,
    commandVerbose: commandVerbose,
    shellEnvironment: localShellEnvironment,
    verbose: verbose,