A fully fledged pokéapi dart/flutter library

Available models

All endpoints available in the docs are also available in this lib as models with the exact same name. All of them have the exact same property names¹ and they'll have the find and get methods available

There's also a multitude of auxiliary models available, but they do not represent endpoints; they are included to facilitate your workflow. All of them have the exact same property names¹ and none of them will have the find and get methods available

¹ except when they're called 'default' as it is a dart protected word


find([int limit = 0, int skip = 0])

Will return an instance of NamedApiResourceList or ApiResourceList containing the results of the query to that specific endpoint. limit represents the number of results you want in that specific request and skip the number of results you want to skip over

get(String query)

Will return an instance of the model you called it from. query should be an id or name, depending on the model you called this method from



import 'package:pokeapi_dart_lib/pokeapi_dart_lib.dart';


getting a specific pokémon

final Pokemon pokemon = await Pokemon.get('bulbasaur');



Pokemon.get('bulbasaur').then((pokemon) {

finding all pokémons

final NamedApiResourceList pokemon = await Pokemon.find();



Pokemon.find().then((pokemon) {


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