Platform Aware Date Picker

This package will automatically show either the Cupertino or Material Date Picker and Time Picker depending on the platform specified.


To use this plugin, add platform_date_picker as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.

Getting Started

Simply call the static method showDate() or showTime() of the PlatformDatePicker class and it will show either the appropiate Date Picker depending on the platform. It returns a Future DateTime object if the user selects a date or time, otherwise it returns null. Pass in the same parameters as you would for calling the function showDatePicker() or showTimePicker().

DateTime date = await PlatformDatePicker.showDate(
    context: context,
    firstDate: DateTime( - 2),
    lastDate: DateTime( + 2),

Screenshot Screenshot

You can also force the function to show either the Cupertino or Material date or time picker by setting the showCupertino or showMaterial fields.

TimeOfDay temp = await PlatformDatePicker.showTime(
    context: context,
    initialTime: TimeOfDay.fromDateTime(,
    showCupertino: true,

Screenshot Screenshot

Finally you can set the height of the Cupertino date or time picker by setting the height field. The default value is the bottom third of the screen.

Screenshot Screenshot