getAll static method

Will get a PcoCollection containing ALL PcoGroupsGroupType objects (expecting many) using a path like this: /groups/v2/group_types

Available Query Filters:

  • church_center_visible
  • not_church_center_visible

Additional options may be specified by using the query argument, but some query options are also available as boolean flags in this function call too.

This function forces the query.getAll to be true.


static Future<PcoCollection<PcoGroupsGroupType>> getAll({
  String? id,
  PcoGroupsGroupTypeQuery? query,
}) async {
  query ??= PcoGroupsGroupTypeQuery();
  query.getAll = true;

  var url = '/groups/v2/group_types';
  if (id != null) url += '/$id';
  return PcoCollection.fromApiCall<PcoGroupsGroupType>(url,
      query: query, apiVersion: kApiVersion);