Plaid Link for Flutter (web and android).

web_demo android_demo

  const PlaidLinkOptions(
    publicKey: 'YOUR_PLAID_PUBLIC_KEY',
    env: PlaidEnv.sandbox,
    clientName: 'Plaid Link Example',
    products: [PlaidProduct.transactions],
    language: 'en',
  onSuccess: (publicToken, _) {
    print('Success: $publicToken');

Android Setup

This package uses the Plaid Android SDK.

You must add your Android package (i.e. app.firelab.plaid_link_example) in your Plaid settings.

Web Setup

This package uses the Plaid Link JS library.

Remember to include the library in your HTML page (usually index.html). See the example.

<script src=""></script>

iOS Setup

This package does not presently support iOS. Pull requests are welcomed! :)