A Plaid library for Dart developers.

This package was inspired by plaid-node.

Warning this package is under development. Not safe for use in production

This package is currently being developed using Futures and no callbacks. I think the async/await form of development is easier than using callbacks.

I am modeling a lot of the code after the official plaid-node package mentioned above, but I trying to make it more modular, easier to test and hopefully easier for other to contribute.

I am developing this to use this in my personal and professional projects and will release this as a package once I am confident this package is working as intended.


import 'package:plaid_dart/plaid_dart.dart';

main() async {
  var plaidClient = PlaidClient(
    environment: PlaidEnvironment.sandbox,
    clientId: '',
    publicKey: '',
    secret: '',
  var publicToken = await plaidClient.getPublicToken('my_access_token');
  var item = await plaidClient.getItem('my_access_token');

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