pl_grid library

This is a widget component that aims to display a data grid with pagination and other features such as built in search bar, sort, group, filter, etc in simple widget like so:

It's possible to use any widget in any cell including the header making the grid very flexible. A very simple use case would be like so

  headerColumns: ['Id', 'Name', 'Age'],
  data: [
    [1, 'Bruno', 34],
    [2, 'Lindsey', 39],
    [3, 'Roberto', 18],
    [4, 'Yasmin', 22]
  columnWidthsPercentages: <double>[15, 70, 15],
  curPage: 1,
  maxPages: 4,


The main class. Use it like


DynamicPaginationStyle = TextStyle Function(int pageNumber)
A function that takes in a page number (starting from 1 not zero), and returns a style to use in the button that triggers that page
WillNotifySearch = bool Function(String lastSearchInput, String currentSearchInput)
A function that takes in the last String the user typed and the current one and returns a rule if it should or not to notify a onSearch event