copyWith method

  1. @override
PinDecoration copyWith(
  1. {TextStyle textStyle,
  2. ObscureStyle obscureStyle,
  3. String errorText,
  4. TextStyle errorTextStyle,
  5. String hintText,
  6. TextStyle hintTextStyle,
  7. ColorBuilder bgColorBuilder}

Creates a copy of this pin decoration with the given fields replaced by the new values.


PinDecoration copyWith({
  TextStyle textStyle,
  ObscureStyle obscureStyle,
  String errorText,
  TextStyle errorTextStyle,
  String hintText,
  TextStyle hintTextStyle,
  ColorBuilder bgColorBuilder,
}) {
  return CirclePinDecoration(
    textStyle: textStyle ?? this.textStyle,
    obscureStyle: obscureStyle ?? this.obscureStyle,
    errorText: errorText ?? this.errorText,
    errorTextStyle: errorTextStyle ?? this.errorTextStyle,
    hintText: hintText ?? this.hintText,
    hintTextStyle: hintTextStyle ?? this.hintTextStyle,
    strokeColorBuilder: this.strokeColorBuilder,
    strokeWidth: this.strokeWidth,
    gapSpace: this.gapSpace,
    gapSpaces: this.gapSpaces,
    bgColorBuilder: this.bgColorBuilder,