Piece Table

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A piece table package for dart.


  1. Insert test

    insert string from random place

Piece Table Write Benchmark(RunTime): 6.610980176975939 us.

How it is implemented?

It uses custom splay tree to implement the table.


  1. Insert test

    insert from empty tree for 2 second

  2. Insert & Erase test

    insert & erase each time from tree size of 1,000,000 for 2 second

Splay Tree Insert Benchmark(RunTime): 3.387535569105691 us.
Splay Tree Insert & Erase Benchmark(RunTime): 4.377287132526745 us.

Above value is for each one insert / one erase.

Feature, Bugs and Speed

If you want to request feature, found bug, or make this faster, go to github issue.