A custom and special Navigation bar.

It is easy to use but userFriendly.

It is used only for 5 tabs.

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Getting Started

This Package return a Scaffold widget that has a bottomNavigationBar with a floatingActionButton.

You can send some arguments to this widget but note that this package recommended for 5 tabs.

Some Package Arguments :

  • body : List of widgets as scaffold body
  • appBar : If you want to use your custom appBar you can use this argument but you can easily use appBarTitles to send a list of widgets as appBar titles.(see example)
  • icons : A list of 5 icons as tabs icon.
  • initialIndex : An integer as first initial tab index.
  • selectedIconSized & unSelectedIconSize : These arguments will used a icons size when they are selected or not .
  • iconColor : Color of icons when they are unselected.
  • selectedIconColor : Color of icons when they are selected.