Do you ever want to pub run build_runner build into another branch? This is your ticket.


$ pub global activate peanut


$ cd ~/my_dart_proj/
$ peanut

This will build your project into a temporary directory, and then it will update the local gh-pages branch with its contents.

Git tricks

The easiest way to push your gh-pages branch to github (without switching from your working branch) is:

$ git push origin --set-upstream gh-pages

To create (or update) your local gh-pages branch to match what's on the server.

$ git update-ref refs/heads/gh-pages origin/gh-pages

This is also useful if you want to undo a peanut run.


$ peanut --help

-d, --directory       (defaults to "web")
-b, --branch          (defaults to "gh-pages")
-c, --build-config    The configuration to use when running `build_runner`.
    --[no-]release    (defaults to on)
-m, --message         (defaults to "Built <directory>")
-h, --help            Prints usage information.