pdfium library




fBitmapCreate BitmapCreate
read / write
fBitmapFillRect BitmapFillRect
read / write
fBitmapGetBuffer BitmapGetBuffer
read / write
fCloseDocument CloseDocument
read / write
fDestroyLibrary DestroyLibrary
read / write
fGetLastError GetLastError
read / write
fGetPageCount GetPageCount
read / write
fGetPageHeight GetPageHeight
read / write
fGetPageWidth GetPageWidth
read / write
fInitLibraryWithConfig InitLibraryWithConfig
read / write
fLoadDocument FPDF_LoadDocument
read / write
fLoadPage LoadPage
read / write
fRenderPageBitmap RenderPageBitmap
read / write


initLibrary({Pointer<FPDF_LIBRARY_CONFIG> config}) → void
loadDocument(String filePath, {String password}) Pointer<FPDF_DOCUMENT>
loadDylib(String path) → void
pointsToPixels(num points, num ppi) num


BitmapCreate(int width, int height, int alpha) Pointer<FPDF_BITMAP>
BitmapFillRect(Pointer<FPDF_BITMAP> bitmap, int left, int top, int width, int height, int color) → void
BitmapGetBuffer(Pointer<FPDF_BITMAP> bitmap) Pointer<Uint32>
CloseDocument(Pointer<FPDF_DOCUMENT> document) → void
DestroyLibrary() → void
FPDF_CloseDocument(Pointer<FPDF_DOCUMENT> document) Void
Function: FPDF_CloseDocument Close a loaded PDF document. Parameters: document - Handle to the loaded document. Return value: None.
FPDF_DestroyLibrary() Void
FPDF_GetLastError() Uint64
Function: FPDF_GetLastError Get last error code when a function fails. Parameters: None. Return value: A 32-bit integer indicating error code as defined above. Comments: If the previous SDK call succeeded, the return value of this function is not defined.
FPDF_GetPageCount(Pointer<FPDF_DOCUMENT> document) Int32
Function: FPDF_GetPageCount Get total number of pages in the document. Parameters: document - Handle to document. Returned by FPDF_LoadDocument. Return value: Total number of pages in the document.
FPDF_GetPageHeight(Pointer<FPDF_PAGE> page) Double
FPDF_GetPageWidth(Pointer<FPDF_PAGE> page) Double
FPDF_InitLibraryWithConfig(Pointer<FPDF_LIBRARY_CONFIG> config) Void
FPDF_LoadDocument(Pointer<Utf8> filePath, Pointer<Utf8> password) Pointer<FPDF_DOCUMENT>
PdfiumException getLastError() { switch (nGetLastError()) { case FPDF_ERR_SUCCESS: fprintf(stderr, "Success"); break; case FPDF_ERR_UNKNOWN: fprintf(stderr, "Unknown error"); break; case FPDF_ERR_FILE: fprintf(stderr, "File not found or could not be opened"); break; case FPDF_ERR_FORMAT: fprintf(stderr, "File not in PDF format or corrupted"); break; case FPDF_ERR_PASSWORD: [...]
FPDF_LoadPage(Pointer<FPDF_DOCUMENT> document, Int32 pageIndex) Pointer<FPDF_PAGE>
Function: FPDF_LoadPage Load a page inside the document. Parameters: document - Handle to document. Returned by FPDF_LoadDocument page_index - Index number of the page. 0 for the first page. Return value: A handle to the loaded page, or NULL if page load fails. Comments: The loaded page can be rendered to devices using FPDF_RenderPage. The loaded page can be closed using FPDF_ClosePage.
FPDF_RenderPageBitmap(Pointer<FPDF_BITMAP> bitmap, Pointer<FPDF_PAGE> page, Int32 start_x, Int32 start_y, Int32 size_x, Int32 size_y, Int32 rotate, Int32 flags) Void
FPDFBitmap_Create(Int32 width, Int32 height, Int32 alpha) Pointer<FPDF_BITMAP>
FPDFBitmap_FillRect(Pointer<FPDF_BITMAP> bitmap, Int32 left, Int32 top, Int32 width, Int32 height, Uint32 color) Void
FPDFBitmap_GetBuffer(Pointer<FPDF_BITMAP> bitmap) Pointer<Uint32>
GetLastError() int
GetPageCount(Pointer<FPDF_DOCUMENT> document) int
GetPageHeight(Pointer<FPDF_PAGE> page) double
GetPageWidth(Pointer<FPDF_PAGE> page) double
InitLibraryWithConfig(Pointer<FPDF_LIBRARY_CONFIG> config) → void
LoadPage(Pointer<FPDF_DOCUMENT> document, int pageIndex) Pointer<FPDF_PAGE>
RenderPageBitmap(Pointer<FPDF_BITMAP> bitmap, Pointer<FPDF_PAGE> page, int start_x, int start_y, int size_x, int size_y, int rotate, int flags) → void