getRouteBuilderForPath method Null safety

_RoutePathWithBuilder getRouteBuilderForPath(
  1. String path

Given a path, this finds a matching route builder, or it shows an "Unknown Page" Widget


_RoutePathWithBuilder getRouteBuilderForPath(String path) {
  _RoutePathWithBuilder? matchingRoute;
  // For each route, check all paths it has defined and see if we have a match
  widget.routes.forEach((key, value) {
    if (_checkPathAgainstRoutes(path, key) && matchingRoute == null) {
      matchingRoute = _RoutePathWithBuilder(key.join(","), value);
  // If unable to find route, fallback to unknownPathBuilder or a default 404 page.
  if (matchingRoute == null) {
    print("WARNING: Unable to find a route for $path");
    matchingRoute = _buildUnknownPageWidget();
  } else {
    //print("RouteMatched, ${matchingRoute?.path}");
  return matchingRoute!;