Note that this package is still in development and documentation will be added later

A new way to let user login to the apps they love.

Easy to use no password login. Users can log in via a qr-code or filling out their email and clicking the correct number on a trusted device.

Getting Started

For now, you can get an appId by emailing me. This wil later be replaced by a panel.

Opening the auth ui.

    callback: (r) => _result(r),
    appId: 'appId',

Handeling result.

There are two states the result can have. With the token, or rejected.

  _result(AuthResult result) {
    setState(() {
      if(result.getToken() != null) {
        this.token = result.getToken();
        this.message = 'You are verified!';
      } else if(result.rejected) {
        this.token = null;
        this.message = 'You were rejected!';
      } else {
        this.token = null;
        this.message = null;