passwd_gen_cli library


defaultSize → const int
Password default size
exitNok → const int
Exit code failure value 1
exitOk → const int
Exit code successfully value 0


displayPassword(Password password, {bool useColor = true}) → void
Display on terminal result of makePassword
extractFlags(List<String> arguments) List<Flags>
Helper to extract flags from cli
extractOption(String short, String long, List<String> arguments) String?
Helper to extract option from cli
getCollection(List<String> arguments) Collection?
Get the collection as Collection from cli arguments
getExclude(List<String> arguments) List<String>?
Get list of items to exclude as List from cli arguments
getItemsFromFile(List<String> arguments) Map<String, List<String>>?
Get custom items from file as Map from cli arguments
getNumber(List<String> arguments) int
Get number of password/passphrase to generate as int from cli arguments
getSize(List<String> arguments) int
Get size as int from cli arguments
makePassword(List<String> arguments, {bool displayEntropy = false, bool useColor = true}) int
Create and display on terminal one or more password or passphrase. arguments are arguments from command line displayEntropy Allow to display bits of entropy useColor Allow to to use AnsiPen to use color on terminal
showHelp() → void
Show application help
showLicense() → void
Show application license
showVersion() → void
Show application version


Enumerate embedded collection
Enumerate flags from cli