parse_connect package for Flutter

Parse_Connect is a package that provides Parse client functionality for Flutter. It is currently based on , and developed against, a Parse server setup on Back4App. This first release is limited and provides basic functionality for:

  • Object
  • User

With it you should be able to create, edit, update and delete Objects as well as signing up, updating, deleting and logging on Users.

release 0.0.5

This now has 2 additional methods added to the User object

  • validate(sessionToken)
  • logout(sessionToken)

This is currently VERY MUCH Work in Progress.

Example Usage

As I eat my own dog food (never did like that phrase, but it kinda fits) I will put some code snippets on the project Wiki here.

Getting Started

For package install see here.

For help getting started with Flutter, view the online documentation.