A swiper widget with parallax effect with support for both swipe directions.


Add parallax_swiper: ^0.0.1 to your pubspec.yaml file. Import it by adding to your file:

import 'package: parallax_swiper/parallax_swiper.dart'


Create a ParallaxSwiper widget and pass the required parameters.

    backgroundWidget: bgWidget,
    foregroundWidgets: <Widget>[fgWidget1, fgWidget2, fgWidget3],


    backgroundWidget: bgWidget,
    foregroundWidgets: <Widget>[fgWidget1, fgWidget2, fgWidget3],
    returnDuration: Duration(milliseconds: 1000),
    returnCurve: Curves.easeOut,
    backgroundRotationFactor: 0.001,
    foregroundRotationFactor: 0.001,
    foregroundTranslationFactor: 0.2,
    swiperHeight: 300,
    swiperInitialPage: 0,
    swiperInfiniteSwipe = false,
    swipeDirection: Axis.vertical,
    swiperDuration: Duration(milliseconds: 500),
    swiperCurve: Curves.easeOut,
    onItemChanged: onItemChangeCallback,
    onTap: onTapCallback,
    onDoubleTap: onDoubleTapCallback,
    onLongPress: onLongPressCallback,

backgroundWidget - Widget
The widget to be displayed in the background.

foregroundWidgets - List<Widget>
A list of widgets to be displayed in the foreground and be swiped.

alignment - Alignment
The alignment in the widget stack, default

returnDuration - Duration
The amount of time for the widget to return to the center position after a drag ends.

returnCurve - Curve
The curve for the return animation after a drag ends.

backgroundRotationFactor - double
The amount of rotation for the background.

foregroundRotationFactor - double
The amount of rotation for the foreground.

foregroundTranslationFactor - double
The amount of translation for the foreground.

swiperHeight - double
The height of the foreground swiper.

swiperInitialPage - int
The initial page/item to be shown by the swiper.

swiperInfiniteSwipe - bool
Set the swipe to be infinite or limited to the amount of items in the foregroundWidgets list.

swipeDirection - Axis
The direction of the swipe.

swiperDuration - Duration
The duration of the animation of the swipe.

swiperCurve - Curve
The curve of the animation of the swipe

onItemChanged - Function
Callback function for when an item changed in the swiper.

onTap - Function
Callback function after a tap on the widget.

onDoubleTap - Function
Callback function after a double tap on the widget.

onLongPress - Function
Callback function after a long press on the widget.


Horizontal swipe

Vertical swipe


Example images source: Super Mario Wiki
Example font: Super Mario 256 by fsuarez913





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