Pana to JUnit

A dart application to convert pana JSON output to JUnit XML format, for example to be displayed in Jenkins CI.


# Run Pana on a package, e.g. redis
pub global run pana redis > out.json

# Use Pana to JUnit to convert pana output to JUnit Report
pub global run pana_to_junit --input out.json --output report.xml

Include in Jenkins Workflow

This repository includes itself in its CI Workflow:

In the Jenkinsfile, have one step where pana is running. Afterwards, convert the output and collect it in a post step.

pipeline {
    stages {
        stage('Test') {
            steps {
                echo 'Check Health'
                sh 'pub run pana --no-warning --source path ${WORKSPACE} > out.json'
                sh 'pub global run pana_to_junit:main --input out.json --output pana-report.xml'


    post {
        always {
            junit 'pana-report.xml'

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