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A Flutter package that allows you to generate card hashes to be used with's payment platform.

Is this safe?

Well, that's something I wondered too when I was looking for a third party package to use to generate card hashes when facing the fact that generating the card_hash using pagarme.js library wasn't neat enough in Flutter.

I began looking into's C# and PHP libraries and found out that what they do is basically the process documented here.

So I basically replicated that process.

I tried to keep the code as simple as possible so that people could see that there's no monkey business amidst the lines.


Getting Started

First, add pagarme_flutter_card_hash as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.

Then all you have to do is the following:

String pagarMeApiKey = "ek_test_yCRumKDVQgqFkjlQojnTSHgWw7UI5g";

PagarMeCard pagarMeCard = new PagarMeCard(
      cardHolderName: "John Snow",
      cardCvv: "235",
      cardNumber: "5448280000000007",
      cardExpirationDate: "0620");

PagarMeFlutterCardHash pagarMeFlutterCardHash = new PagarMeFlutterCardHash(
    pagarMeApiKey: pagarMeApiKey, 
    pagarMeCard: pagarMeCard);

String cardHash = await pagarMeFlutterCardHash.generateCardHash();

print(cardHash); //Outputs something like: 1842883_Ha6Q2D/xYkuKXpgbDwy3HnrJpO2oX3c...

P.S.: This package assumes that the card data you are using has already been validated.


Improve exceptions
Write (more) tests
Improve documentation


  • Charles Washington de Aquino dos Santos - Caws


This class sends an HTTP request to's API endpoint that is responsible for generating the RSA key that is used to encrypt the card data to be sent to your backend (and's API)
This class contains the card attributes needed in order to compose the query string to be encrypted.
This class is responsible for both building the query string containing the card info as well as encrypting it with the RSA details contained within the pagarMePublicKey attribute.
The main class that uses all the other classes. Here is where the entire card_hash generation process is done.
This class holds key information needed to encrypt the query string generated using the card data.