chmod +x osx_kvm_installer

Thats it, you've just run the installer, now go to post installation for more info on setting up your install.


An automation of the cli based installation steps for the kholia / OSX-KVM project. This installer just calls each of the cli commands listed on the installation guide. All the credit for the software making this possible goes to kholia.
All credit for dcli goes to bsutton.

Running the script form source

In order to run this you will need to have dcli installed. Do so with these commands.
chmod +x dcli_install
Next, clone this code to your local device, navigate to OSX-KVM-installer and type ./installer.dart.
Answer requested input as the program runs and you're done.

Post installation

After the script has been run a qemu view will pop up with the osx installer.
Select the base-osx drive with your keyboard, another window will pop up.
Open the disk utility and select the drive with storage set to whatever you passed in (64 is the default).
Select erase on this drive and once that process is finished close the window. You should be taken back to the program select screen.
Select reinstall macOS and follow the installation process.
To run your new macOS installation any time simply navigate to the OSX-KVM-runner directory created inside the OSX-KVM-installer directory.
and run the osx_kvm_runner file with
You're good to go, chief.