A new Flutter plugin to fetch os proxy setting.

Getting Started

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U can use this plugin to fetch system proxy settings. And can set HttpClient's findProxy method, so that u can use Charles(or other tools) to wireshark.

Example in use dio in Flutter or other libary use HttpCilent.

First, add dependency to your pubspec.yaml

osproxysetting: ^0.0.1

Then set findProxy function.

if (_debugMode) {
    (_dio.httpClientAdapter as DefaultHttpClientAdapter).onHttpClientCreate =
        (client) async {
    client.findProxy = (uri) {
        final setting = OsProxySetting.cacheSetting();
        if (setting == null ||
            !setting.httpEnable ||
            setting.port == null ||
            setting.host == null) {
        return "DIRECT";
        return "PROXY ${setting.host}:${setting.port}";