This is an attempt to develop an ORM in dart, I haven't seen any yet ... ** is an alpha version use only in tests do not use in production **

First steps

  • add the dependency in your pubspec.yaml
        git: https://github.com/CpdnCristiano/orm_mysql.git
  • Create your model class
//The table Annotation indicates to be a table in mysql
//NOTE: You can add a different class name to your table
//@Table (name: 'table_user')
class User {
  // the tables must have an id, this is the indication of the mysql primary key
   // NOTE: By default the id is auto increment.
   // to change this do: @Id (autoIncrement: false)
  int id;
  // this annotation indicates that this column cannot be null in your database
  String name;

  int age;

  String email;

  User({this.id, this.name, this.age, this.email});
// it is necessary to have a fromJson constructor for the orm to work  
User.fromJson(Map<String, dynamic> json) {
    id = json['id'];
    name = json['name'];
    age = json['age'];
    email = json['email'];
// it is necessary to have a toJson function for the orm to work
  Map<String, dynamic> toJson() {
    final Map<String, dynamic> data = Map<String, dynamic>();
    data['id'] = this.id;
    data['name'] = this.name;
    data['age'] = this.age;
    data['email'] = this.email;
    return data;
  • Create your repository:
// NOTE: the First parameter is your model class
// the second is the type of id in case an int
class UserRepository extends Repository<User, int> {}

in the repository there are the following methods

  • findOne(id); fetch object by id;
  • finAll(); return all table objects.
  • deleteOne(id); delete an object
  • insert(object) creates a new object
  • update(id, object) updates an object

start the database connection to the database

in main.dart

void main() async {
  MySQL db = MySQL(
    host: "localhost",
    user: "admin",
    password: "1234",
    db: "teste",
  await db.init();


  • Custom query
  • Foreign key support(1:1,N:N,1:N)

observations: In the future, the ORM will have a relationship between the wait

Example projects

User registration API