opscroll_web library Null safety


Scrolling Animation Options are Fading, Drop and Circle animation You have to choice one scrolling animations. Scrolling Options are Touch Floating Action Button and Scroll You can active every options for your widgets. onePageChildren is your One Page widgets. This widget size is initial Full device screen size. You must to create your one page widget's inside, responsive in your code. scrollCurve is scrolling Curve value for PageController. Try every Curves! and find your suitable scroll animations for your OPS. scrollSpeed is scrolling duration for your OPS. You should give less duration for speedy scrolling or vice versa scrollDirection is your PageView scrolling axis. PageController is OPS controller. isFloatingButtonActive is allow to scrolling by Floating Action Buttons also you can change the color variable with floatingButtonSplashColor floatingButtonBackgroundColor isTouchScrollingActive is allows to scrolling by Tapping. Be careful if you are using Gesture Detector in your onePageChildren Should look at https://flutter.dev/docs/development/ui/advanced/gestures#gesture-disambiguation onTapGesture you can define your own onTap functions with this callback. default function is scroll to next page. isFadingScroll is provide Fading effect while scrolling