OneMap Plugin for Flutter

OneMap is the authoritative national map of Singapore with the most detailed and timely updated information developed by the Singapore Land Authority. There are also many useful day-to-day information and services contributed by government agencies.

Simple example

An example with authentication.

// Initialize a new OneMap object, pass in cached accessToken if available.
OneMap.initialize(accessToken: token);

// Get singleton instance.
oneMap = OneMap.instance;

// Authenticate and get access token.
try {
    // Some api such as search does not require access token, check OneMap
    // documentation for more details.
    Search result = await oneMap.restApi
        .search(searchVal: 'suntec', returnGeom: true, getAddrDetails: true);

    // Get access token.
    OneMapCredentials credentials =
        await oneMap.authentication.getToken(email: 'youremail', password: 'yourpassword');

    // Cache accessToken if needed here, expiry timestamp is included.

    // After authentication, private APIs can be called.
    ReverseGeocode geocode = await oneMap.restApi.reverseGeocodeXY(
        x: 33159.1597983748,
        y: 31783.4077108439,
        buffer: 10,
        addressType: AddressType.All,
        otherFeatures: true);
    for (GeocodeInfo geocodeInfo in geocode.geocodeInfos) {

    ThemeInfo info =
        await oneMap.themes.getThemeInfo(queryName: 'kindergartens');
  } catch (_) {
    // Handle errors here.

Population query and planning areas

Population query are divided into various planning areas. This list can be retreived from calling getPlanningAreasName API.

// Retrieve all planning areas.
List<PlanningArea> planningArea =
        await oneMap.planningArea.getPlanningAreasName();

Industry data = await oneMap.populationQuery.industry(
      year: 2010,
      planningArea: planningArea[0].planningAreaName,

Routing and route geometry

OneMap API encode its route geometry into a polyline string. Built in getter decodes the string into a list of LatLng objects.

Route route = await oneMap.routing.getRoute(
  start: LatLng(1.319728, 103.8421),
  end: LatLng(1.315728905, 103.8121581),
  routeType: RouteType.cycle,

// Decoded
List<LatLng> points = route.routeGeometry;
// Encoded string
String geometry = route.encodedRouteGeometry;

For public transport route

PublicTransportRoute ptRoute = await oneMap.routing.getPublicTransportRoute(
    start: LatLng(1.320981, 103.844150),
    end: LatLng(1.326762, 103.8559),
    mode: Mode.TRANSIT);

// Decoded
List<LatLng> points = ptRoute.plan.itineraries[0].legs[0].legGeometry;
// Encoded string
String geometry = ptRoute.plan.itineraries[0].legs[0].encodedLegGeometry.points;

Handling exceptions

Plugin uses dio to perform http requests. Following is an example on handling http exceptions thrown by dio.

The plugin will also throw a MissingTokenException if an api requiring token is called but user have not authenticated.

} on DioError catch(e) {
} on MissingTokenException catch(e) {
} catch(_) {
  // other exceptions