AlbumSortType enum Null safety

Defines the sort type used for queryAlbums.


ALBUM_NAME → const AlbumSortType

ALBUM_NAME will return album list based in album names.

const AlbumSortType(1)
ARTIST → const AlbumSortType

ARTIST will return album list based in artist names.

const AlbumSortType(2)
DEFAULT → const AlbumSortType

DEFAULT will return album list using album_name as sort param.

const AlbumSortType(0)
FIRST_YEAR → const AlbumSortType

FIRST_YEAR will return album list based in first_year dates.

const AlbumSortType(4)
LAST_YEAR → const AlbumSortType

LAST_YEAR will return album list based in last_year dates.

const AlbumSortType(5)
NUM_OF_SONGS → const AlbumSortType

NUM_OF_SONGS will return album list based in number_of_songs.

const AlbumSortType(3)
values → const List<AlbumSortType>

A constant List of the values in this enum, in order of their declaration.

const List<AlbumSortType>


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index int

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