Easy to use this library to build a network image widget, you can build different layouts according to the error/load, also set up the image cache delegate.

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  1. add to your pubspec.yaml
ok_image: ^0.4.0
  1. import
import "package:ok_image/ok_image.dart";
  1. use
import "package:ok_image/ok_image.dart";
  return OKImage(
      url: "https://ws1.sinaimg.cn/large/844036b9ly1fxfo76hzd4j20zk0nc48i.jpg",
      width: 200,
      height: 200,
      timeout: Duration(seconds: 20),
      fit: fit,
  1. params
url: image net url
width: width
height: height
fit: show BoxFit
followRedirects: whether image redirection is allowed.
loadingWidget: display on loading
errorWidget: display when image load error / timeout.
retry: retry to load image count.
timeout: timeout duration.
onErrorTap: when loadErrorWidget show ,onTap it.
cacheDelegate: you can use the param to delegate loadImage

Experimental: Signatures, return values, parameters and other information may be modified in the future.

onLoadStateChanged: will be call on the load state changed.
  1. global config

edit OKImage.buildErrorWidget to config global OKImage errorWidget.

edit OKImage.buildLoadingWidget to config global OKImage loading.

about other library

under BSD 3:

  1. This library uses http 0.12.0+2 as a framework for network access.
  2. using path_provider 1.2.0 to get default catch path.
  3. using crypto 2.0.6 to make and check md5.

Apache 2.0:

  1. Using rxdart 0.22.1 processing logic

thanks to open source.

If you are using older versions of these open source libraries, which cause incompatibility, please update your. If it is incompatible with me, please contact me and I will update the version number when appropriate.