ogurets is a Gherkin + Cucumber implementation in Dart, focused on making your life writing tests as easy as possible, with the minimum of boilerplate fuss. ogurets_flutter is a flutter extension to ogurets which adds support for:

  • Running against an existing running application (as long as you know the observatory port)
  • Starting the application for you and controlling it to ensure it is allowed to Restart and set its state back to the beginning without having to quit and rerun the application
  • Terminating the application (or not) on completion
  • Allowing you to set a default for restarts or no-restarts and use Gherkin tags to control behaviour.


in your dev_dependencies section in your pubspec.yaml include:

ogurets_flutter: ^1.2.1

or whichever is the higher version you see on this page.

environment variables

If you wish to control the flutter run via your own command line build, then the important environment variables are the same as ogurets but with the extension of:

  • OGURETS_FLUTTER_FLAVOUR - this passes "--flavor ${OGURETS_FLUTTER_FLAVOUR}" to flutter run. Not the International English spelling.
  • OGURETS_FLUTTER_DEVICE_ID - this passes "-d ${OGURETS_FLUTTER_DEVICE_ID}" to flutter run letting you specify a device to run on.
  • OGURETS_ADDITIONAL_ARGUMENTS - lets you specify any arguments you wish. Arguments in quotes are broken up correctly.
  • OGURETS_FLUTTER_START_TIMEOUT - lets you override the default 60 second timeout to wait for the application to start.


ogurets flutter cannot be used from the command line tool flutter driver because it needs to know what the observatory port is. If you wish to include it in your test runs, just use Dart itself and run your _test.dart runner, it will start your main app and control it.

If you wish to use the flutter driver command line tool, use ogurets directly and just enable the driver in an instance of your own to make it available to your steps.

The other reason you may not need to use this mechanism is if you want to keep your app running while you are writing your test, in which case start it with flutter run, take note of the Observatory Port and set it in an environment variable: VM_SERVICE_URL. If ogurets_flutter sees that when it starts, it will simply use it, but restart functionality will be turned off. Only use this when testing scenario by scenario and you are writing and changing code and restarting the app yourself or where the state isn't important.


We also thank Jon Samwell of Flutter Gherkin for his idea (and core code) for managing the run of the the application.