Pagination addon for nyxx. Allows sending paginated and interactive content via message using discord interactions. Also contains legacy paginator based on emojis.


Package includes pre-made classes ready to use and also has interfaces to implement everything by yourself.

Example using embed as pagination pages:

FutureOr<void> paginationExampleInteraction(InteractionEvent event) {
  final paginator = EmbedComponentPagination(event.interactions, [
    EmbedBuilder()..description = "This is first page",
    EmbedBuilder()..description = "This is second page",


void main() {
  final bot = Nyxx("<TOKEN>", GatewayIntents.allUnprivileged);

  final interaction = Interactions(bot)
    ..registerSlashCommand(SlashCommandBuilder("paginated", "This is pagination example", [], guild: 302360552993456135.toSnowflake())

Features and bugs

Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker.


Pagination module for nyxx. Allows creating paginated and interactive content in message. Uses nyxx_interactions to handle pagination in message.