IGuild class Null safety

Implemented types




afkChannel Cacheable<Snowflake, IVoiceGuildChannel>?
The guild's afk channel ID, null if not set.
afkTimeout int
The guild's AFK timeout.
available bool
Whether or not the guild is available.
boostProgressBarEnabled bool
Whether the guild has the boost progress bar enabled
channels Iterable<IGuildChannel>
The guild's channels.
client INyxx
Reference to NyxxWebsocket instance
createdAt DateTime
Gets creation timestamp included in Snowflake
read-only, inherited
currentUserPermissions IPermissions?
Permission of current(bot) user in this guild
discoverySplash String?
Discovery splash hash
embedChannel Cacheable<Snowflake, ITextGuildChannel>?
The channel ID for the guild's widget if enabled.
embedEnabled bool?
If the guild's widget is enabled.
emojis Map<Snowflake, IBaseGuildEmoji>
Guild custom emojis
everyoneRole IRole
Getter for @everyone role
features Iterable<GuildFeature>
enabled guild features
fileUploadLimit int
File upload limit for channel in bytes.
guildNsfwLevel GuildNsfwLevel
Nsfw level of guild
hashCode int
The hash code for this object.
read-only, inherited
icon String?
The guild's icon hash.
id Snowflake
ID of entity as Snowflake
final, inherited
members Map<Snowflake, IMember>
The guild's members.
mfaLevel int
The guild's MFA level.
name String
The guild's name.
notificationLevel int
The guild's notification level.
owner Cacheable<Snowflake, IUser>
The guild owner's ID
preferredLocale String
the preferred locale of a "PUBLIC" guild used in server discovery and notices from Discord; defaults to "en-US"
premiumSubscriptionCount int?
The number of boosts this server currently has
premiumTier PremiumTier
Boost level of guild
publicUpdatesChannel → CacheableTextChannel<ITextChannel>?
the id of the channel where admins and moderators of "PUBLIC" guilds receive notices from Discord
region String
The guild's voice region.
@Deprecated('User IVoiceChannel.rtcRegion'), read-only
roles Map<Snowflake, IRole>
The guild's roles.
rulesChannel Cacheable<Snowflake, ITextChannel>?
Channel where "PUBLIC" guilds display rules and/or guidelines
runtimeType Type
A representation of the runtime type of the object.
read-only, inherited
selfMember Cacheable<Snowflake, IMember>
Returns member object for bot user
shard IShard
Returns this guilds shard
splash String?
Splash hash
stageInstances Iterable<IStageChannelInstance>
Stage instances in the guild
stickers Iterable<IGuildSticker>
Stickers of this guild
systemChannel Cacheable<Snowflake, ITextGuildChannel>?
System channel where system messages are sent
systemChannelFlags int
System Channel Flags
url String
Returns url to this guild.
verificationLevel int
The guild's verification level.
voiceStates Map<Snowflake, IVoiceState>
Users state cache


ban(SnowflakeEntity user, {int deleteMessageDays = 0, String? auditReason}) Future<void>
Bans a user and allows to delete messages from deleteMessageDays number of days.
changeOwner(SnowflakeEntity memberEntity, {String? auditReason}) Future<IGuild>
Change guild owner.
createChannel(ChannelBuilder channelBuilder) Future<IChannel>
Allows to create new guild channel
createEmoji(String name, {List<SnowflakeEntity>? roles, AttachmentBuilder? emojiAttachment}) Future<IBaseGuildEmoji>
Allows to create new guild emoji. name is required. You can allow to set roles to restrict emoji usage. Put your image in emojiAttachment field.
createGuildEvent(GuildEventBuilder builder) Future<GuildEvent>
Creates guild event using builder
createRole(RoleBuilder roleBuilder, {String? auditReason}) Future<IRole>
Creates new role
createSticker(StickerBuilder builder) Future<IGuildSticker>
Creates sticker in current guild
delete() Future<void>
Deletes the guild.
discoveryURL({String format = "webp", int size = 128}) String?
URL to guilds discovery splash If guild doesn't have splash it returns null.
edit({String? name, int? verificationLevel, int? notificationLevel, SnowflakeEntity? afkChannel, int? afkTimeout, String? icon, String? auditReason}) Future<IGuild>
Edits the guild.
fetchAuditLogs({Snowflake? userId, int? actionType, Snowflake? before, int? limit}) Future<IAuditLog>
Returns Audit logs. https://discordapp.com/developers/docs/resources/audit-log
fetchEmoji(Snowflake emojiId) Future<IBaseGuildEmoji>
Fetches emoji from API
fetchGuildEvent(Snowflake guildEventId) Future<GuildEvent>
Fetches and returns from api single event with given id
fetchGuildEvents({bool withUserCount = false}) Stream<GuildEvent>
Fetches from api list of events in guild
fetchGuildInvites() Stream<IInvite>
Returns list of Guilds invites
fetchGuildPreview() Future<IGuildPreview>
Fetches guild preview for this guild. Allows to download approx member count in guild
fetchMember(Snowflake memberId) Future<IMember>
Fetches member from API
fetchMembers({int limit = 1, Snowflake? after}) Stream<IMember>
Allows to fetch guild members. In future will be restricted with Privileged Intents. after is used to continue from specified user id. By default limits to one user - use limit parameter to change that behavior.
fetchRoles() Stream<IRole>
Fetches all roles that are in the server.
fetchSticker(Snowflake id) Future<IGuildSticker>
Fetch sticker with given id
fetchStickers() Stream<IGuildSticker>
Fetches all stickers of current guild
getBan(Snowflake bannedUserId) Future<IBan>
Gets single Ban object for given bannedUserId
getBans({int limit = 1000, Snowflake? before, Snowflake? after}) Stream<IBan>
Get"s the guild's bans.
getVoiceRegions() Stream<IVoiceRegion>
Returns list of available VoiceRegions
guildWidgetUrl([String style = "shield"]) String
Allows to download Guild widget aka advert png Possible options for style: shield (default), banner1, banner2, banner3, banner4
iconURL({String format = "webp", int size = 128}) String?
The guild's icon, represented as URL. If guild doesn't have icon it returns null.
kick(SnowflakeEntity user, {String? auditReason}) Future<void>
Kicks user from guild. Member is removed from guild and he is able to rejoin
leave() Future<void>
Leaves the guild.
modifyCurrentMember({String? nick}) Future<void>
Change self nickname in guild
moveChannel(IChannel channel, int position, {String? auditReason}) Future<void>
Moves channel
noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation) → dynamic
Invoked when a non-existent method or property is accessed.
prune(int days, {Iterable<Snowflake>? includeRoles, String? auditReason}) Future<int>
Prunes the guild, returns the amount of members pruned.
pruneCount(int days, {Iterable<Snowflake>? includeRoles}) Future<int>
Returns int indicating the number of members that would be removed in a prune operation.
requestChunking() → void
Request members from gateway. Requires privileged intents in order to work.
searchMembers(String query, {int limit = 1}) Stream<IMember>
Returns a Stream of Members objects whose username or nickname starts with a provided string. By default limits to one entry - can be changed with limit parameter.
searchMembersGateway(String query, {int limit = 0}) Stream<IMember>
Returns a Stream of Members objects whose username or nickname starts with a provided string. By default limits to one entry - can be changed with limit parameter.
splashURL({String format = "webp", int size = 128}) String?
URL to guild's splash. If guild doesn't have splash it returns null.
toString() String
A string representation of this object.
unban(Snowflake id, Snowflake userId) Future<void>
Unbans a user by ID.


operator ==(dynamic other) bool
The equality operator.