GuildChannel class Null safety

Represents channel within Guild. Shares logic for both TextGuildChannel and VoiceGuildChannel.



channelType ChannelType
Type of this channel
late, final, inherited
client INyxx
Reference to client
final, inherited
createdAt DateTime
Gets creation timestamp included in Snowflake
read-only, inherited
guild Cacheable<Snowflake, Guild>
Id of Guild that the channel is in.
late, final, inherited
hashCode int
The hash code for this object. [...]
read-only, inherited
id Snowflake
ID of entity as Snowflake
final, inherited
isNsfw bool
Indicates if channel is nsfw
late, final, inherited
name String
The channel's name.
late, final, inherited
parentChannel Cacheable<Snowflake, GuildChannel>?
Id of parent channel
late, final, inherited
permissionOverrides List<PermissionsOverrides>
Permission override for channel
late, final
position int
Relative position of channel in context of channel list
late, final
runtimeType Type
A representation of the runtime type of the object.
read-only, inherited


createInvite({int? maxAge, int? maxUses, bool? temporary, bool? unique, String? auditReason}) Future<Invite>
Creates new Invite for IChannel and returns it"s instance [...]
delete() Future<void>
Deletes channel if guild channel or closes DM if DM channel
deleteChannelPermission(SnowflakeEntity entity, {String? auditReason}) Future<void>
Deletes permission overwrite for given User or Role entity Throws if entity isn't User or Role
dispose() Future<void>
Perform cleanup
edit<T extends GuildChannel>(ChannelBuilder builder, {String? auditReason}) Future<T>
Edits channel
editChannelPermissionOverrides(PermissionOverrideBuilder permissionBuilder, {String? auditReason}) Future<void>
Allows to edit or set channel permission overrides.
editChannelPermissions(PermissionsBuilder perms, SnowflakeEntity entity, {String? auditReason}) Future<void>
Allows to set or edit permissions for channel. id can be either User or Role Throws if id isn't User or Role
effectivePermissionForRole(Role role) Future<Permissions>
Returns effective permissions for role to this channel including channel overrides.
effectivePermissions(Member member) Future<Permissions>
Returns effective permissions for member to this channel including channel overrides.
fetchChannelInvites() Stream<InviteWithMeta>
Fetches and returns all channel"s Invites [...]
noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation) → dynamic
Invoked when a non-existent method or property is accessed. [...]
toString() String
A string representation of this object. [...]


operator ==(dynamic other) bool
The equality operator. [...]