A Flutter plugin that checks from native side if push notifications are enabled.


Declare a pubspec dependency in your Flutter project.

What is it for?

It checks from native side if the app has permissions enabled/disabled for posting push notifications into user's device. In iOS it also provides information whether the permission was already requested.

How to use it?

You can check the Example app to see a real use case on how to access the notifications enabled information. Shortly explained:

// Gets an optional checking if notifications are enabled for current app.
final Optional<bool> areNotificationsEnabled = await NotificationsEnabled.notificationsEnabled;

// Empty optional, means notification permissions were never requested
if (areNotificationsEnabled.isNotPresent) {
    // Possibly ask for permissions?
} else if (areNotificationsEnabled.value) {
    print('Notifications are enabled!');
} else {
    // Notiications are disabled