Helper widgets to work with no_bloc library

Bloc Builder

Keeps your UI in sync with the State of your app. It's StatelessWidget widget which only rebuilds the relative child, instead of rebuilding entire page.

BlocBuilder<BlocType, BlocStateType>(
  bloc: bloc
  onUpdate: (context, data) => Text(data.toString()),
  onBusy: (_) => Text('Working'),
  onError: (_, e) => Text('Error Occurred'),

Or a simpler version (extension method sugar):

  onUpdate: (context, data) => Text(data.toString()),
  onError: (_, e) => Text('Error Occurred: $e'),

for details see example

Bloc Container

A container where you can store all your blocs on app startup, and then access them anywhere in your app independently of the widget tree.

void main() {
  BlocContainer.add((context, args) => CounterBloc(args));
  final counterBloc = BlocContainer.get(arg: 0);

see example

Bloc List Builder

A builder which builds a ListView widget backed by a data source e.g. an infinite scrollable list backed by a rest api example coming soon

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