Flutter CLI

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A command line interface for Flutter. It can scaffold a skeleton Flutter project, component, and test with page object.


To install:

pub global activate ngflutter
pub global activate webdev

To update:

pub global activate ngflutter
pub global activate webdev


ngflutter help

For help on specific command, run ngflutter help [command name] For example:

ngflutter help generate test

will show how to use command generate test.

Generating Flutter project

ngflutter new project_name
cd project_name
pub get
webdev serve

Navigate to http://localhost:8080 to visit the project you just built. Command following will assume that you are in the root directory of the project.

Generating component

ngflutter generate component AnotherComponent

This command will generate component under folder lib/. You can use option -p to change the folder.

Generating test

ngflutter generate test lib/app_component.dart

Command above will generate 2 files. One is page object file and the other one is test file. Test generated is using flutter_test and test package.

Use command

pub run build_runner test --fail-on-severe -- -p chrome

to run generated test with Chrome.


Helper classes for extracting info from Dart files.