Modular Admin for Angular Dart

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This project is a port of Modular Admin to Angular Dart. Modular Admin is a Bootstrap 4 admin theme written with HTML, monolithic CSS, and some JavaScript. This port focuses on converting monolithic CSS to web components with encapsulated styles and reimplementing the JavaScript logic with AngularDart.

Getting Started

To use ng_modular_admin in your own AngularDart project, do the following:

  1. Add ng_modular_admin as a dependency in pubspec.yaml (and run pub get).
  2. Create an SCSS stylesheet in your main web directory, e.g. web/theme.scss and put @import "package:ng_modular_admin/src/modular-admin/modular-admin"; at the top of this file.
  3. You can add any customizations you want to the SCSS stylesheet you created in step 2. The stylesheet will be built automatically when you use webdev serve or webdev build.
  4. For any component where you want to use Modular Admin, import package:ng_modular_admin/ng_modular_admin.dart and add modularAdminDirectives to that component's directives.
  5. Look at the Layout demo page to see how to set up the application shell.

You will find more detailed usage information and examples in the demo application.

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