Font Awesome for AngularDart

Basic Usage

This package provides Font Awesome as an AngularDart component. To use icons inside a component, do the following:

  • Import the package: import 'package:ng_fontawesome/cng_fontawesome.dart';
  • Add the directives to your component: directives: const [FA_DIRECTIVES]
  • Add icons to your template, e.g. <fa name="flag"></fa>

See more usage information in the demo application (source code).


The version number of this package follows the version number of Font Awesome itself. This makes it easy to see which version of Font Awesome is provided by this package and pin your own packages to specific versions of Font Awesome (i.e. a version that adds a specific glyph that your package needs).


This section is for the developers of this package only.

To upgrade Font Awesome, download and unzip the upstream release. Change into the unzipped directory. Then run these commands:

$ cp css/all.* ../lib/src/css
$ cp webfonts/* ../lib/fonts
$ cd ..
$ sed --in-place 's:url[(]"\.\./web:url("packages/ng_fontawesome/:g' lib/src/css/all.css
$ sed --in-place 's:url[(]\.\./web:url(packages/ng_fontawesome/:g' lib/src/css/all.min.css

To test it out, switch to the ng_fontawesome_demo project and run:

$ pub get
$ webdev serve

To publish:

  1. Put new version in pubspec.yaml
  2. Update
  3. Run dartdoc to make sure it can run successfully
  4. Create and push a git tag
  5. Publish: pub publish

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