Dart / Flutter API for controlling NeoHub from Heatmiser.

Note: The Heatmiser API is not HTTP, it uses sockets so this likely won't work from the web.

Getting Started

For example:

/// Example of running the NeoHub
/// Change the Address to the IP address of your hub.

import 'package:neohub/neohub.dart';

// The address of your NeoHub
const NEOHUB_ADDRESS = '';

main() async {
  final hub = NeoHub(NEOHUB_ADDRESS);
  final livedata = await hub.getLiveData();
  for (var z in livedata.zones) {

This is from console/neohub_example.dart. There is a GUI example too in Flutter in the repository which has some widgets you can borrow.


Not that useful, but API Reference from Heatmiser. Email if you need your own copy.


Library for controlling NeoHub heating controls and plugs from Heatmiser.