API wrapper for MyAnimeList written in Dart.


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Get started

You're gonna need an access token to use this wrapper. To find out how to get one, click here.

import 'package:myanimelist_api/myanimelist_api.dart';

void main() async {
  // Initialize client
  var client = Client("YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN");


• Node objects are objects with minimal fields like id, title and main pictures. Most methods return nodes (or variations).

// Search for anime
var animeList = await client.searchAnime("Shingeki no Kyojin");
for (var anime in animeList) {
  print(; // Most methods return objects with minimal fields

• Use ID to get complete anime/manga objects.

// Get complete objects using id
var anime = await client.getAnimeDetails(16498);
assert(anime.title == "Shingeki no Kyojin");
assert(anime.mainPicture.large == "");
assert(anime.genres[0].name == "Action");
assert(anime.createdAt == DateTime.parse("2012-12-05T12:03:21.000Z"));

• Use templates for updating lists.

var template = AnimeListTemplate(
  status: "completed",
  score: 9,
  numWatchedEpisodes: 13
await client.updateAnimeList(30015, template);


  • X User anime list
  • Forum info
  • X User manga list
  • X User info