Multi Select BottomSheet

Simple and easy to use flutter Widget to add a multiSelectBottomSheet to your Flutter Application.This Widget allows you to search and select from list of suggestions.

Usage example

List<MultiSelectBottomSheetModel> selectCountryItem = [
    MultiSelectBottomSheetModel(id: 0, name: "All", isSelected: true),
    MultiSelectBottomSheetModel(id: 1, name: "India", isSelected: false),
    MultiSelectBottomSheetModel(id: 2, name: "US", isSelected: false),
    MultiSelectBottomSheetModel(id: 3, name: "Canada", isSelected: false),
    MultiSelectBottomSheetModel(id: 4, name: "Africa", isSelected: false),
    MultiSelectBottomSheetModel(id: 5, name: "Germany", isSelected: false),
TextEditingController controller = TextEditingController();

              items:selectCountryItem ,// required for Item list.
              width: width*0.96,
              bottomSheetHeight: height*0.7,// required for min/max height of bottomSheet.
              hint: "select country",
              controller: controller,
              searchIcon:const Icon(   // required for searchIcon.
                 size: 22
             selectTextStyle: const TextStyle(
                 color: Colors.white,
                 fontSize: 17
             unSelectTextStyle:const TextStyle(
                 fontSize: 17



Parameter Type Description
items List The source list of options.
searchIcon Icon The icon button that shows the search field.
bottomSheetHeight double Set the bottomSheet Height.
hint String Style the text of the display hint.
width double Set the display text field width.
searchTextFieldWidth double Give the search text field width.
searchHint String Set the placeholder text of the search field.
unSelectTextStyle TextStyle Specifies the style of text on unselected list tiles.
selectTextStyle TextStyle Specifies the style of text on selected list tiles.
searchHintTextStyle TextStyle Style the text of the search hint.
suggestionListBorderColor Color Set the border color of the chip items that are selected and unselected.
unSelectedBackgroundColor Color Set the color of the chip items that are unselected.
selectedBackgroundColor Color Set the color of the chip items that are selected.
borderColor Color Set the border color of the display items of text field.
textColor Color Set the text color of display items.
hintColor Color Set the hint text color of display items.
clearAll String Specifies the clearAll button text and remove selected items.
confirmText String Specifies the confirm button text.
cancelText String Specifies the cancel button text.